Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s

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Conservative / Global portfolio / ESG funds model portfolio

This master portfolio is for conservative investors (those who want to minimise the risk of falls in value, and who are prepared to forego higher returns as a consequence), wanting to invest in a diversified global portfolio, who want to invest only in ethical / ESG funds.

This investment portfolio contains only 3 ETFs, and a cash buffer:

ETFWeightingAnnual yield, %Annual expenses, %
SUWS: iShares Sustainable World ETF30%2%0.20%
VUTY: Vanguard US Treasury Bonds ETF30%2.3%0.07%
IGLT: iShares UK Gilts ETF30%1.1%0.07%

The equity portfolio of this portfolio is invested in iShares’ Sustainable World equities tracker.

The bond portion of this master portfolio is invested 50:50 into US Government bonds and UK Government bonds.

3 thoughts on “Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s”

      1. Neat tool! My broker is quite expensive for fx which is a pity for SUWS / SUSW when so many other things are chewing away at returns.

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