Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s

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Medium risk / Global master portfolio / ESG funds

This master portfolio is for ‘Medium risk’ UK investors (those prepared to experience some ups/downs in value, but not as much as the stock market), wanting to invest in a diversified global portfolio, who want to invest only in ethical / ESG funds.

This investment portfolio contains only 3 ETFs:

ETFWeightingAnnual yield, %Annual expenses, %
SUWS: iShares Sustainable World ETF60%2%0.20%
VUTY: Vanguard US Treasury Bonds ETF20%2.3%0.07%
IGLT: iShares UK Gilts ETF20%1.1%0.07%

The equity portfolio of this portfolio is invested in iShares’ Sustainable World equities tracker.

The bond portion of this master portfolio is invested 50:50 into US Government bonds and UK Government bonds.

3 thoughts on “Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s”

      1. Neat tool! My broker is quite expensive for fx which is a pity for SUWS / SUSW when so many other things are chewing away at returns.

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