3 thoughts on “Help wanted!”

  1. I filled out your survey FvL, but I think seeing as you are likely to have a high number of FIRE proponents, the options presented are a bit limiting on the high end. E.g. your pension question’s top option is 15%+. I think you’re losing out on some resolution as I’m personally way over that – but I also understand not wanting to have a bajillion options per question.


    1. you are right. i used a survey originally designed for a ‘normal’ workforce. Originally top option was 10%+. After first 3 responses I changed it to add 15% and a higher income band. Both remained too low. My audience is rather high end…..


  2. I filled in and commented accordingly. As the first comment I don’t think the data will be too useful… I’d be surprised if many were anything other than 15%+ for pension unless there’s LTA factors in play.


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