Feb 2022 – The richest man in the world

I have heard it alleged that Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world. For that to be true, he would need to be worth around $200bn. That would be at least $199.9bn more than the lifelong KGB man/civil servant/politician has declared. Which is just one of the many mind-boggling things we have to contemplate about Russia at the moment.

Even at the start of February, the markets were under pressure – and my more-leveraged-than-usual portfolio has needed care and scrutiny. But I wasn’t considering the risk of a European nuclear war in any of my assessments.

My stance to the news and chaos has, perhaps paradoxically, been to tune out of the market. I believe my portfolio is pretty well positioned and I think that checking its daily movements in no way helps my mental health nor my portfolio risk management. So I’ve reduced the frequency of checking my live updated spreadsheet to barely once a week.

Even covid-19 has disappeared from the news.

No more covid, thank goodness!
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