Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s

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Master portfolio – for Adventurous investors

Investors with a very long term outlook should, in general, be adventurous. If you are early in your career, investing for 20+ years away, then time should be able to recover any dips/shocks, and it makes sense to aim for investments with higher anticipated returns – which means Equities (stocks/shares).

The two questions you need to decide here are:

  1. Equities in which countries? The global stock market as a whole? Or a bias towards, perhaps, the UK and the US?
  2. Do you want to focus on ethical/sustainable investments?

3 thoughts on “Master portfolios to beat Hargreaves Lansdown’s”

      1. Neat tool! My broker is quite expensive for fx which is a pity for SUWS / SUSW when so many other things are chewing away at returns.

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