My investment returns in June ’15

My directly invested portfolio delivered one of its worst ever monthly returns in June.  With preliminary numbers now in, I’m down about 3.4%.  I’ve updated my returns page here.

What happened?  In a word, Greece; markets were down everywhere,  FTSE-100 was down over 6%, a particularly bad performance; European equities ex UK were down 4.4% (as so often, the UK is like an inferior version of the Euro, no matter what the ‘kippers will tell you); Australian equities were down about 4.6% (in GBP). Fixed income (at least the corporate bond types that I like) were down too: -3.2% in the UK, 2% in the USA, and 1-1.2% in Oz/ROW.   When equities and fixed income are down everywhere, I will suffer.

Thanks to the suggestion of @RIT, I have started tracking the market returns in each geography/asset type that I track against.  The back of my envelope suggests the markets I’m exposed to fell, weighted by my exposure, 4.4% last month.  Against that backdrop, I’ll take a drop of 3.4%.

The real fun starts this week, now that Greece has overwhelmingly voted to have nothing to do with the reforms the Eurozone insists are required to stay in the Euro.

1 thought on “My investment returns in June ’15”

  1. I think (though I have not fully worked it out yet) that my portfolio held up better than expected. If I get time I will work out whether this is right or not. To be honest, yours seems to have held up pretty well in the circumstances!

    The future is undoutedly uncertain with Greece. Who knows how it will end! In the meantime all we can do is keep plugging away. I have topped up my AstraZeneca holding and added a new Rolls-Royce one on the back of the palaver. Good long-term buys I hope.

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