My November returns:climbing out of the ditch

I’ve just posted by monthly returns for November.

The market, weighted according to my allocation, was up about 1.2% in the month.  I was up a bit more than that, which I don’t attribute to anything except luck. My 12 month returns are around 6%.  This is no Warren Buffet performance, but is not too shabby either considering the pummelling equities got in the summer.

Points I find noteworthy for November:

  • The Australian market fall, unlike its international peers.  Equities were down about 1%, and fixed income about 0.5%.
  • Bond bears can weep.  Again. Uk corporate bonds rose 2.7%.  In a month.
  • UK/US equities were up ~1%.  This leaves US equities recovered from the summer dips, UK equities slightly behind, and other markets slightly down too.

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