Omg – the B Team is in second place

A quick post to say Well Done to weenie (@QuietlySaving) for her Monkey Stock challenge.

The idea is simple: each competitor enters a ‘monkey’ portfolio of five randomly-chosen (ish) stocks in the FTSE-350. This starts in September 2015, and the competition runs – I think – for 12 months, with the winner being the portfolio that is worth the most at the end.  The notional starting portfolio is £500, so we are talking five £100 holdings here.

My portfolio is called ‘the B team’ and comprises:

BAB Babcock Intl
BABS Bluecrest Allblue
BARC Barclays

I am thrilled to say that I was first out of the blocks, I am currently number two in the ginormous leaderboard, and to cap it all I am currently, with two enormous weeks behind us, the leading ‘real money’ contestant.  Words fail me.

Fingers crossed for the next eleven-and-a-half months…

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