My investment returns in July ’15

A rare thing has just happened: Saturday is the 1st of the month, and my diary is clear.  So, before the July market prices have even cooled properly, I’ve updated my returns page here. The result?  In July I recovered most my June losses.  I should add that my June returns were about 0.5% worse than I first thought – though still not as bad as the markets I’m in.  So treat all these early numbers with caution.

There was pretty clear snapback in most markets, with Australia up over 4%, European-ex-UK, UK and USA equities all up about 2.4%, and fixed income up between 1-2% too.  I’d have been feeling pretty sour if I didn’t benefit from that.  No sourness here: I recovered about 2.3%  – exactly in line with the market returns.

My compound annual returns remain pleasingly high at 12% (since 1/1/13).  This feels a little too good to be true but then maybe I am more of a genius than I had realised (definitely not – Ed.).


2 thoughts on “My investment returns in July ’15”

  1. Pretty good going! It was a pretty solid month for bounce backs across the globe it seems. I certainly found my portfolio had a nice uplift.

    I like the bogleheads returns calculator spreadsheet. I had not bumped into that before so thanks for including a link to it!


  2. Not too shabby. The bounce backs certainly helped my dividend portfolio and my SIPP too.

    Here’s to a better August!


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