May 2021 – a sterling month

May sucked, as an experience.

The weather sucked. The most miserable May on UK record, or some such.

I was working very hard, with a couple of crises/dramas to deal with at work.

So I had barely any time to pay attention to the markets. About the most noticeable thing was that the pound clipped above $1.40 and stayed there. For me with a high (~50%) USA weighting, the forex movement dominates the market returns – leaving my benchmark markets, in GBP, down about 0.6% on the month.

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April 2021 – a silver medal month

April news saw a lot of stuff’n’nonsense about decorating the PM’s flat. This is silly-season stuff, even though it isn’t silly season. In the meantime, covid-19 vaccination progress in the UK has been excellent; my London borough now has fewer than 40 cases, and nationwide numbers are dropping by 30-40% a week. Shops are open again. Socialising/pubs/restaurants are open but outdoors only, which sounds useful but the weather has been simply too cold – especially in the evenings – to make the most of the opportunity.

In the markets, April started well. And continued doing well. And ended exceedingly well. Unless you were unfortunate enough to buy shares in Deliveroo, of course.

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ISA $millionaire

What an amazing twelve months it has been.  And what an amazing month March 2020 was.

March 2020 saw global equities down 25% on peak, just a few weeks earlier.  VWRL dropped to £57, a level it hadn’t been at since 2016.  That left my ISAs feeling very down in the dumps.

Since March 2020, VWRL has climbed to £83, almost 14% above its previous cycle’s peak. My ISAs are looking very plump indeed.

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